One thought on “Surgeon @ Machine, Trouw (Amsterdam) 24.09.2011

  1. Tracklist:
    Instra:Mental – Tramma
    Nil – Kazuya Kawakami remix
    Blawan – Vibe Decorium
    Skudge – Ontic (Rolando Understands remix)
    Surgeon – Transparent Radiation
    Surgeon – untitled
    Hiroaki Iizuka – Bluebox
    Inigo Kennedy – Scatter
    Bas Mooy – Warsaw (Walker FSG remix)
    Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Olof Dreijer remix)
    Instra:Mental – Thomp
    Shutter – Natterjack B1
    Barricade – Aleko
    Blawan – What You Do With What You Have
    Skudge – Overture (Substance remix)
    Paul Woolford – Let It Go (Kommonazmuk & Appleblim remix)
    Inigo Kennedy – Revenge
    Emptyset – All Together Lost (Ben Klock’s Glowing Clap mix)
    Xhin – Teeth (Surgeon remix)
    Tomohiko Sagae – Deburring (Paul Damage + Makaton Wasps mix)
    Insta:Mental – Vicodin (Skduge Warehouse mix)
    Reeko – Thick Matter
    Matador – Blond Slackers (Rebekah remix)
    Paul Woolford & Psycatron – Stolen
    Skudge – Convolution Instrumental
    Blawan – Lavender
    Insta:Mental – Pyramid
    Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Night Theme
    Exium – Synchro
    Greenmoney – Get Into You (Paul Mac edit)
    Lone – Explorers

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