Morphology – Information Paradox EP [CE009]

New release on  Cultivated Electronics by the Electro flavour of the moment Morphology. The EP kicks off with the title track ”Information Paradox” a solid, smooth, straight up electro jam with punchy 808 kicks and snares, crisp 606 hats, tight percussion and a minimal quirky bass line over layered with signature Morphology strings. “Escape Velocity” heads into more a 4/4 electro groove, a territory not really explored by Morphology to date. Super spooky pads and stabs float over a rolling groove and staccato bass making this a real dance floor treat!! On the flip label head Sync 24 takes to remix duty on ”Information Paradox”. This mix picks up the pace of the original and moves into darker grounds with a pulsating bass line, hypnotic arpeggio, spacey keys and eerie pads. The EP is rounded off with ”Tangent Spaces” a beautiful, deep piece perfect for the start the night or after hours chilling. Smooth rolling beats, lush chords and dreamy piano keys make this the perfect end to the EP.


Morphology – Information Paradox EP [CE009]

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