Hungry Soul – Hungry Soul [JACKPLAYMOBIL001]

Hungry Soul - Hungry Soul

Jack Playmobil operates from the mystic gravel pit of Antwerp, Belgium. Hungry Soul has obtained superpowers by fighting in the graveyard of life. He doesn’t need wings to fly. His hands are dirty with electric mud. He has created a mold of dizzying electronic proportions, a nightmarish virtual reality dream state where sparkling energy collides with a total absence of time. Psychedelic electronic patterns drenched in futuristic haze. Imagine robotic ghouls malfunctioning in the snow. Hungry Soul creates dense eerie moodscapes rich with complexity and cosmic inspiration. His vision is blurry. His ways are everchanging, evolving and romancing the shadows of the night. Crafted with secure and utmost precision. Time to nurture your own hungry soul and create a delightful midnight carnival. Throw your double cups in the air and rejoice. Classify under : ”wild prestige” and ”increasing 3D awareness”.


Hungry Soul – Hungry Soul [JACKPLAYMOBIL001]

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