RedRay – RedRay [JACKPLAYMOBIL002]

Redray - Redray

Meet Antwerp’s ultimate Soda King aka Redray. After many years of isolation Redray has mastered his craft and learned to create believable demonic black eyes without Photoshop. Do not make eye contact for he orchestrates his moves with depraved sonic tendencies. He sees right through your soul. Xrays remove electrons from atoms and ions but only very hard x-rays can penetrate molecular clouds. The whole shock’n’awe type of thing, born bad, dripping goo and straight up evil. Think about a room filled with thick fog, vicious strobe lights and deep bass hits that would probably blow a submarine out of the water. For he is the uncrowned king of his castle and with this stab of purity he is transcending the cycles of life. Are you prepared to drift further into darkness? It’s splash season! Classify under: ”confrontational presence” and ”downright alien”. Limited black vinyl edition of 300 copies. Packaged in beautiful handsilkscreened cardboard covers with artwork by Redray himself.


RedRay – RedRay [JACKPLAYMOBIL002]

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