Unbroken Dub – Checkpoint EP [94DSR]

Checkpoint EP

Siberian producer Unbroken Dub makes his debut on Delsin Records. The three track Checkpoint EP kicks off with ‘I Want To Make This Louder’, a widescreen, gently undulating soundscape with scraping percussion and thick, smeared synths. Cutting through the dense dub fug are sharp edged percussive ticks, driving the track forwards gently as more and more analogue textures unfold and unfurl. ‘Det Special’ is less smooth and more choppy, rising up and down as abrasive white noise swirls add caustic surfaces to the hopping wood block hits and buried deep in the mix bassline. Again, it’s seriously analogue and as cerebral as it is physical. Closer ‘Insane’ is a much brighter cut, instead of sounding introverted and melancholic it offers some hope thanks to the buoyant hi hat ringlets, up right kick drums and glassy, tinkling echo of percussion. Contrasting heavy bass with light percussion as he does, this young producer continues to find new life in the ancient form of dub.


Unbroken Dub – Checkpoint EP [94DSR]

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