Zip – Fabric 67 [FABRIC133]

ZIP/VARIOUS - Fabric 67

Thomas Franzmann has long been a dark horse of underground club music. Though he keeps a lower profile than some of his peers, his contributions to esoteric house and techno over the past decade plus have made him a cult favorite. As one of the founders of Perlon, he released much of minimal and microhouse’s creme de la creme. He also happens to be an exceptional DJ, especially when the situation calls for the deeper and weirder side of things. In the club, Zip is known for lacing his sets with unreleased or never-to-be-released tracks that keep trainspotters on their toes. He takes a different tack with fabric 67, sticking mostly to records that aren’t so hard to get your hands on (curiously enough, there’s only one Perlon track). “I did the mix with two record players, two CD players and my favourite mixer. I was alone in my studio and it felt just like it did when I was doing a mixtape ages ago,” Franzmann says of the mix. “Only this one comes with slightly more pressure [laughs]…” [RA]

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01. Vedomir – Dreams
02. San Proper & Steven De Peven – Pam Pam
03. Nail – Till The Feelings Gone
04. Melchior Productions Ltd – She Like
05. Pluto – Point Blank
06. G. Marcell – Excites Me
07. Jovonn – Satisfied (Moodyfied Mix)
08. Twin TM – The Fall Of The House Of Shadows
09. Soul Capsule – Seekers
10. Dan Curtin – Convergence
11. Sakro – Jazz In The Forest
12. DJ QU – Everybody’s Dark
13. Scott Grooves feat. Roy Ayers – Expansions (Pyramid Bonus Beats)
14. Terrence Dixon – Return Of The Speaker People (Kausto’s Sudden Aphasia Mix)
15. Kenny Larkin – Drone
16. Armando & Steve Pointdexter – Blackholes (The Sun Of God Remix)
17. Isolée – Music

Zip – Fabric 67 [FABRIC133]

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