Alessandro Forte – The Hunger EP [IT003]

The Hunger (1983) directed by the recently deceased Tony Scott and starring David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve has been the inspiration that Alek has served to make this album. On side A, I Love You Forever, a theme to the purest style Italo where rhythms coalesce with the power of the vocoder and melodies you trap to melt in the bass line. In this same face remixes of high-level made by two of the producers who admire and which stands out the Synth Alien vocoders or the incredible Kid Machine solo, and how they have adapted the original song to your own style. On the b-side, far more serious, in which the concept of the album is more evident, presents three tracks filled with impossible arpeggios, analog warmth and layers of melodies full of feelings in which Alek Stark demonstrates his Italo disco love.


Alessandro Forte – The Hunger EP [IT003]

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