Heiko Laux – Re-Televised Re:Vision [THEMA034]

Throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, the Missile imprint was responsible for releasing a slew of blistering techno cuts from production heavy weights DJ Hyperactive, Inigo Kennedy, Frankie Bones and DJ Slip. In 1998 the label released Heiko Laux’s Re-Televised EP, which 15 years later has earned itself a repressing on New York imprint Thema. It has commissioned two 2013 remixes in Donor and Truss, the labels New York connection and Stroboscopic Artefacts boss man Lucy. Haux’s original may lack the weight of their modern day reworks, but its stone-crunch kicks certainly don’t lack punch. Donor & Truss share the B-Side with Haux’s exemplar, creating a quintessential ’90s infinity loop, intermittently injecting a rough samples from “Re-Televised”. Lucy’s remix remains loopy also, only adding dour and industrial atmospherics, unsettling children’s voices and Strobo’s trademark low end.


Heiko Laux – Re-Televised Re:Vision [THEMA034]

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