Vernon Felicity – Dawning EP [MOS019]

FELICITY, Vernon - Dawning

The unstoppable Boris Bunnik is back once again, this time as Vernon Felicity with a four track EP for MOS Recordings. The tracks see him explore his usual analogue heavy sound, but there is a little more space in his arrangements, a more rueful mood. The title track ‘Dawning’ is slow and purposeful, with acid pricks and twitches peppering a churning groove. Next, ‘Breaking Silence’ is more kinetic, with claps, hits and squiggly melodies all bouncing off each other as pronounced basslines strike a melancholic note below. On the flip, ‘Wrong Notion’ has plenty of height to it, again with eco systems of analogue lines and acid belches all weaving their way around each other and the raw, splintered beats below, before last track ‘3’ explores wide open cosmic synth spaces with lingering pads, mournful Blade Runner style synth lines and gently churning rhythms all soothing your brain and body in equal measure.


Vernon Felicity – Dawning EP [MOS019]

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