VA – Various II [030LP003]

The second comp on Holland’s 030303 shows the beauty, depth and variety of the Roland TB-303 more than ever in the history of the label. Moving away from IDM and braindance this time, all that’s presented to you is gorgeous dancefloor mayhem with great personality. Contributions by Elec Pt.1, Jonny 3 Snares, Automatic Tasty, Cosmic Force and Dexter all have a classic yet leftfield feel to it. About half of the 10 tracks diverge a little from this excellent recipe. Roy of the Ravers’ track ‘Acid Hors d’Oevre’ stands out for it melodic raving ecstacy; the track may well be the main hit of the Bangface-style rave community this year. Further down the line, Kid Machine’s ‘Mirage’ brings impressive synth-wave-disco madness on a distinctive 80s tip – this one is for fans of Legowelt. Then Jared Wilson’s cut – amazingly – brings us back to the time we first heard Choice’s ‘Acid Eiffel’: classic stuff that will never bore the ones who feel it. Another BIG one is for Drvg Cvltvre who delivers some down-to-midtempo sickness, distantly reminiscing of 33 1/3’s ‘Searchin”, but then on acid.


VA – Various II [030LP003]

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