Floorplan – FACT Mix 400


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1. Intro – Al Green
2. Floorplan ‘Eclipse’
3. Tim Wolff ‘Backstage Fridge’
4. Oliver Deutschmann ‘Dazed & Confused (track 2)’
5. Robert Hood ‘Elevan’ (unreleased)
6. Ben Sims ‘Metal Works’
7. Mark Broom ‘untitled #8′
8. Locutus ‘Lucid Moments’
9. Benjamin Damage ’50 Weapons (Robert Hood remix)’
10. Floorplan ‘Ride’
11. Leandro Gamez ‘De Los Santos’
12. Ben Sims ‘Freaks (remix)’
13. Floorplan ‘We Magnify His Name’
14. Gary Bek ‘Feel It’
15. Carl Taylor ‘Debbie’s Groove (Robert Hood remix)’
16. Ben Sims ‘Raise Your Hands’
17. Ben Sims ‘New Blood (Robert Hood remix)’
18. Floorplan ‘Baby, Baby’
19. Fast Eddie ‘Let’s Go (Robert Hood edit)’ – unreleased
20. Tyree Cooper ‘Acid Over (Piano mix)’
21. Victor Santana & Band ‘Travel’
22. Floorplan ‘Confess’
23. Ben Sims ‘I Want Your Love’
24. Ann Nesby ‘Love Is What We Need’
25. Floorplan ‘Never Grow Old’

Floorplan – FACT Mix 400

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