Hipodrome’s 2013 Review (Part 2 of 3)

The second part of my review of 2013 is dedicated to the best events and performances I attended this year. Part 1  includes the preferences of the hipodrome blog’s followers.


Top 3 Events

The best party I attended in 2013 was the Moustache Records + Kosnix Party @ Bar in Rotterdam, on 1st of March with Elec Pt.1 (live), Mick Wills, Intergalactic Gary, David Vunk and Lord Of The Isles.


For me the highlights were Elec Pt.1‘s live act and the dj sets of Mick Wills and Intergalactic Gary.

Next is the Traxx @ Bazaar in Brussels on April 12. We went especially to see / hear playing Traxx, the jakbeat master, and we were rewarded with full on acidic session. Great energy and emotion.


In October we went to Krakow for the Usound Festival. After 3 or 4 years of planning to go there, we finally made it. Nice performances in unconventional spaces and venues and the city and the surrounding area is nice.


During the day we attended different live performances, installations and presentations. I enjoyed Julianna Barwick‘s choral performance in the beautiful Gothic St Catherine’s Church and Robert Henke‘s light & sound show in Kijów Centrum.
By night we moved to the Forum Hotel for the main parties. We had the chance to catch live performances by Underground Resistance, Regis,  Stellar Om Source, Samuel Kerridge, Svengalisghost, Karenn, Demdike Stare & Andy Stott and DJ sets by DJ Qu, Helena Hauff and Anthony Naples.
The highlights for me were the live performance of The Mulholland Free Clinic (aka Juju & Jordash, Move D & Jonah Sharp) and the DJ sets of Anthony Naples and DJ Qu.
The cherry on top was the closing party at Pausa, were the patron of Intergalactic FM, I-F, killed the night with his set and the crowd lost it’s mind.


Top 3 DJ Sets

Delta Funktionen @ Hipodrome 4 Years Anniversary, Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 09.11.2013

Traxx @ Bazaar (Brussels) 12.04.2013

I-F @ Unsound Festival (Krakow) 20.10.2013

And a special mention to Peter van Hoesen @ Tanzhaus West (Frankfurt) 08.03.2013


Top 3 Live Performances

The Mulholland Free Clinic @ Unsound Festival (Krakow) 18.10.2013

Elec Pt.1 @ Bar (Rotterdam) 01.03.2013

Robert Henke @ Unsound Festival (Krakow) 18.10.2013


Top 3 Romanian DJ sets

Das Komitee @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 07.09.2013

Cosmin TRG @ Control Club (Bucharest) 26.04.2013

Lektronikumuz @ New You 2014, Hala Balanta (Sibiu) 31.12.2013

And a special mention to Romansoff @ Control Club (Bucharest) 31.05.2013


Part 3 will follow soon with the list of my favorite picks from 2013’s releases.

Hipodrome’s 2013 Review (Part 2 of 3)

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