youAND:THEMACHINES – Behind Reshaped [ORN029LTDW]


youAND:THEMACHINES is the solo moniker of Martin Müller, one half of the Berlin based luminaries youANDme. A year after the release of his ‘Behind’ LP youAND:THEMACHINES presents ‘Behind’ LP Reshaped – an opulent collection of selected edits, interpretations and remixes courtesy of a prestigious roster of distinguished producers including Matthew Herbert, Steve Bug, XDB, Boo Williams, Sascha Dive, Legowelt, Marko Fürstenberg & Luke Hess and Basic Soul Unit amongst many more. ‘Behind Reshaped’ mines deep beneath the original’s surface and is a varied compound of textures, tones and atmospheres. From Steve Bug’s glacial ‘Raw and Reduced’ edit of ‘Drift’ to The Analog Roland Orchestra’s allaying take on ‘Desire’ and from XDB’s armoured and clap-heavy remix of Perception to Freund der Familie’s lucidly textural version of ‘Entrance Room’ the listener is ferried through a broad spectrum of feeling whilst a spectral and rueful current remains consistent.


youAND:THEMACHINES – Behind Reshaped [ORN029LTDW]

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