June – Dominion [SUCTION029]

Suction Records is pleased to present “Dominion”, the debut full-length LP by June. June is the solo project of Tsampikos Fronas, originally from Greece, and now based in Berlin, Germany. “Dominion” is focused on June’s synthwave sound, utilizing hardware step sequencers to sync and control his arsenal of classic drum machines and synthesizers including Roland’s SH-101, TR-606 and Juno-60, and the minimal synth percussion staple, the Korg KR-55. The romanticism and elegance of early ’80s synth pop is clearly evident, not only in the production and instrumentation of the music, but in the artwork and song titles. Even more prominent is the influence of modern minimal synth master Sean McBride of Martial Canterel and Xeno & Oaklander, who’s sophisticated classicist sequencer composition looms largely over the material on “Dominion,” minus McBride’s distinctive vocals. Save for the gorgeous and meditative “Queen Of Flowers” cuts that end both sides of the LP, the music on “Dominion” is driving, danceable synthwave that references the past while maintaining a thoroughly modern edge.


June – Dominion [SUCTION029]

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