Zenker Brothers @ Boiler Room (Munich) 12.03.2015


02.B1 Unknown (Delaphine) – S.A.M.
03.2562 – Brasil Deadwalker (When In Doubt)
04.A (L.A. Club Resource) – Delroy Edwards
05.Ganivon / Answer Code Request Remix (Dolly) – XDB
06.grnHF (Numbers) – Lory D
07.The Wrath­ (Primevil) – Adam Jay
08.Caveberg (forthcoming Ilian Tape) – Stenny
09.ZX81 / Shed Remix (Fat City Recordings) – D-Bridge
10.Day Of Riddance / Dario Zenker Remix (Parachute) – CW/A
11.Coil (All Caps) – Ekranoplan
12.Larus Canus (forthcoming Ilian Tape) – Skee Mask
13.Left Hander (3024) – Martyn
14.Vitamin (Other People) – Solpara
15.Mist ­- Nurture – Clone
16.Diskophrenia / Seba & Lo­Tek Remix (Svek) – Ralph Lundsten


Zenker Brothers @ Boiler Room (Munich) 12.03.2015

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