Andreas Gehm – Cosmic Interrail Vol.1 [SBOX001]

Who better to inaugurate your label than Andreas Gehm? Simple, no-one. Glasgow’s Schrodinger’s Cat is sinking claws and teeth into vinyl with five tracks of blistering TB303 goodness from the Cologne man. Mr Gehm is in fine form as he serves up a quintet of very different cuts. From the warbling wonderment of “Blind Eyes” to squawking darkness of “Jak the Floor”, this EP shows how talented this machine musician is. “Can You Hear Me Girl” is jilted lover, stalker house; beady eyes peering into misted windows material. The Elec Pt 1 hood is donned for the dirtiest track of the 12″. Grimy claps are further polluted by bending acid lines in a work overflowing with violence. Out of the leftfield comes the finale. “Systems Go” throbs with rumbling rhythms, a bleeped melody keeping time as drum machines overheat and circuitry melts.


Andreas Gehm – Cosmic Interrail Vol.1 [SBOX001]

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