Voiski – Breaths Written Outside Gloom [DSR/C5]

Delsin release a new EP from Voiski entitled ‘Breaths Written Outside Gloom’ that features four cuts of the Frenchman’s trademark techno. Opener ‘Downhearted Holidays’ is all about a menacing bassline that looms large below jostling metal percussion and frazzled synth lines. It’s spare and absorbing, inhuman and bleak in the most inviting way. ‘Galaxy Call’ is a more energetic affair with squeaking, pixelated and high pitched melodies squealing over a gloomy and gloopy bass line. Militant snares are upright and driven and the result is a track that sounds like the machines are taking over. ‘Mathematical Park’ is about mid tempo drums, paranoid synth drones and desolate urban soundscapes all run through with a sense of dark futurism and finally ‘Answer Silently’ is the slowest and swampiest of the lot. A growing sense of darkness permeates slithering synths, icy hi hats and lazy drums and there is a real air of foreboding through this and all the cuts here that make it perfect night time music.


Voiski – Breaths Written Outside Gloom [DSR/C5]

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