Hipodrome Podcast 019 – adub

hipodrome podcast 019 - adub

adub aka Adrian Ban, is a known character in Sibiu, both on the clubbing scene, where he is present for years, and on the indie scene, Adi is the drummer of some Sibiu bands like I’m The Trip and Guilty Lemon. Since last summer he and Toygun form the DJ duo called Disconnected, a project where they mix and also produce together and organize parties.

adub is making his debut on the hipodrome in a few weeks, at a party in The Shelter from Cluj. Here is a taste of what to expect.



1. DSCNTD Intro (Luke Vibert – Space Race)
2. Greg Beato – Worship These Balls
3. Jackmaster Corky – Dimensions 106
4. Luke Vibert –  cs303
5. Qnete – Milking Ideas
6. Gene Hunt – Bong
7. Shanti Celeste – Strung Up (Original Mix)
8. Steve Summers – In The Mode For Love
9. Efenkel – Sexual
10. Risqué III – Esence Of A Dream
11. Violence FM – Expulsion (John Heckle Titan Version)
12. NGLY – Speechles Tape
13. Bodem – Hasle
14. Mike Mind – Acid Machine (Original Mix)

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Hipodrome Podcast 019 – adub

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