Celldöd – Mekaniskt Gränsland [SUCTION033]

Suction Records is pleased to present “Mekaniskt Gränsland,” the debut full-length release by Sweden’s Celldöd. Celldöd’s Anders Karlsson is a seasoned EBM musician and fanatic, a member of bands including The Pain Machinery and Bunkersex. “Mekaniskt Gränsland” (translation: Mechanical Twilight) is dirty, electronic dance floor music, hardware driven, mostly instrumental, and stripped to the bare bone. The album was made during long, late-night sessions, working with semi-functioning gear from the past (analogue synths and drum machines, cassette decks, old tape delays and spring reverbs) as well as new, small and inexpensive machines. Karlsson’s modus operandi for Celldöd is to keep the grit and the rough edges in the production, submitting to the beauty and power of imperfection.


Celldöd – Mekaniskt Gränsland [SUCTION033]

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