VA – World Of Rubber 2 [RUBBER002]

The Rubber label may proudly hail from the iconic Lowlands area known as Den Haag, yet their sphere of influence clearly stretches much further. First up is secret Amsterdam weapon Robert Bergman, laying down some deviant acid box action in the shape of “Broadcast From Ceres” which dovetails nicely with the more psychedelic overtones of “Masquerading As Stars” from Brussels-based duo Tav Exotic. The master Das Ding opens the B-side with the subaqueous “Divebomb” whilst the unheralded Safe Swim plunges into the deep end of experimentation on “Pictures Of Skies”. It’s left to Diagonal pair Bronze Teeth to wrap up matters with the rip snorting squat party techno of “Easygroove” which was clearly produced with The Hague in mind.


VA – World Of Rubber 2 [RUBBER002]

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