Ma Spaventi – Isola Sommersa [MOSLP4]

SPAVENTI, Ma - Isola Sommersa

A year after his debut album “Viaggi”, Amsterdam based italian Marco Antonio Spaventi is back with another fine full length statement. Entitled “Isola Sommersa” and landing on M>O>S Recordings, it follows up after many great EPs on the label over the last five years. Spaventi has a passion for old school house but always brings it up to date. Using hardware tools like a natural extension of his body, he cooks up rugged grooves, nostalgic moods and smoky atmospheres that cocoon you in sound of its own. Long the way here, Spaventi dips his toes into various waters with equal success. There are spaced out and invitingly warm grooves such as the rubbery ‘Tape Noodles’, blissful ambient interludes like ‘Undisclosed’ and serene synth passages filled with retro future beauty such as the closer ‘Titanic Moments.’ Cuts like ‘Simple Mind’ prove this artist can conjure up genuine feelings of internal reflection as well as raw physical drum lines, and ‘Best Regards’ is a tantalisingly go slow bit of cosmic house that erupts into a fluid acid track. Though Chicago and Detroit are obvious reference points, Spaventi always develops his own ideas with a refreshing vibe. It makes for an album that is house at its heart, but also one that is ambitious, absorbing and widescreen in the way it is executed.


Ma Spaventi – Isola Sommersa [MOSLP4]

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