Umwelt – Days Of Dissent [BOIDAE001]

Veteran Lyonnais producer, Umwelt, has a new album to launch the LP focused sub-label of Killekill – Boidae. “Days Of Dissent” is a polished 8-tracker loaded with bold electro stabs, acid riffs, epic, subtle melodies, drama and funk. “It is emotional, it tells a story, it is easily recognizable and it is not interchangeable”. The talented producer is one of a kind as he produces without computers in a single take, without any edits or mixing and cut to dubplates directly in his home which he uses to play out during his sets, conjuring up a insanely vast backlog of productions. Umwelt predominantly releases on his own imprints, however recently made appearances on legendary electro label Shipwrec and Helena Hauff’s Return to Disorder imprint.


Umwelt – Days Of Dissent [BOIDAE001]

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