VA – Quare Groove Vol. 1 [ACQG12X1X2]

All City spent years putting together this superb compilation, which shines a light on Ireland’s previously unheralded underground and alternative music scenes of the ’70s and ’80s. It’s packed with obscure and lesser-known gems covering a myriad of related styles, from the jazz-funk inspired soul smoothness of Pumphouse Gang’s “Welcome Back Into My Life” and dub-fuelled, post-punk synth-pop brilliance of Natural Wild’s 1985 cut “Hot & Sexable (Mega Mix)”, to the slow and intoxicating, delay-laden throb of Stano’s “White Fields (In Isis)” and the Stiff Records-ish cacophony of Micro-Disney’s “Leper”. In other words, it’s a great example of a compilation that not only tells a previously untold story, but also includes some genuinely must-have tracks.


VA – Quare Groove Vol. 1 [ACQG12X1X2]

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