Low Tape – Road Valley [XK015]

LOW TAPE - Road Valley

Low Tape debuts on X-Kalay with a massive 5 tracker of emotive electro and acid. The Russian producer showcases a real talent in creating a versatile and diverse EP; expertly balancing functional club weight and subtle melodic sensibility. Title track Road Valley is a case in point; carried by a wistful melody line, the track is underpinned by flickering percussion, deep pads and a warm rumbling bass. Red Lights in ma Eyes utilizes a punchy, swung electro groove whilst celestial pads play out under a dripping acid line. Acid Television switches things up with a hammering sawtooth bass, whilst the sharp percussion and cold synths lend a distinctively mysterious, almost noir-esque feel… On Technovia the 303 makes a return – driving acid, urgent percussion and tense pads combine for another slick club cut. Finally, the drifting pads and soaring melodies of ‘Why is Life so Strange’ conclude things perfectly with shimmering melancholy and introspection.


Low Tape – Road Valley [XK015]

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