Aroy Dee & Ma Spaventi – The Way We Love [MOS026]

Marco Spaventi and M>O>S label head Aroy Dee link up for another of their intriguing collaborations. Their latest offers another vital mix of raw house and ambient. Opener ‘The Way We Love’ features typically rough, blistered drums and sci-fi synths, but this time with a heavenly vocal and uplifting chords up top that tug on your heart strings. An ambient reprise of the same track is a perfect excuse to kick back and get lost in your own thoughts. ‘The Way We Move’ then takes a long view, with far-gazing Detroit pads and mid tempo drums getting you deep into a dreamy groove that is wide open and expansive. Last of all, Marco remixes this one on his own and flips it into something that is even more melodic, with circling pads and a musical bassline all making for a beautiful piece of timeless house music.


Aroy Dee & Ma Spaventi – The Way We Love [MOS026]

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