Marco Passarani – EPM podcast #133

Reznik – Human Factor
Fingers Inc – The Children’s House
Radio Slave – Silent Witness
Furious Frank – No Escape
Passarani – Katra’s Groove
Alex Cortex – We Run Your Life
Jordan Passmore – Violet Wings of Rndmz
Posthuman – 707 Heaven
Passarani – Road to P’Jem
Jensen Interceptor – Promise
Lazy Pluto – Temple Of Jupiter
Dance System – Ur Flange Or Mine
Palace – Codex
Datassette – Kestrel Maoeuvres In The Dark
Obergman – Chronostatis
Shan – Schlagzeug
Passarani – Needlegroove
Dataless – Instajam (Shadow Child Acid Funk Mix)
Third Son – The Brain Named Itself
Passarani – Exit Velocity
Rude 66 – Resurrection
XY0815 – Rigid Body

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Marco Passarani – EPM podcast #133

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