Luz1e – Radical Optimism [VOI023]

LUZ1E - Radical Optimism

LUZ1E makes her debut on Voitax, with a four track EP, “Radical Optimis”. The opener “Transition” lays down LUZ1E’s law, featuring headstrong drum work, matched with equally menacing bass arpeggios. If the theme of apocalypticism wasn’t obvious enough from the opening track’s looming pads, it will become apparent with “Electronic Warfare”. Served up on electro’s trustworthy chassis, we watch the distorted arpeggios unfold as the tension of the pads guide us to an dystopian finale. On the flip, the title track “Radical Optimism” uses shrill pad pressure to break the track’s dreamy opening sequence – as the modulating bass provides plenty of frequencies for the dance floor. The closing track, “Emotional Intelligence” provides a candid looking glass into the producer’s musical influences. LUZ1E’s knack for emotive pads furnish the track’s uplifting structure with class, as breaks and bass deliver us to a tender climax.


Luz1e – Radical Optimism [VOI023]

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