Adrian Marth – Bordello Radio #68

Simon Bennett – I Wanna Tokyo’u (Flemming Dalum Remix)
W. H. Lung – Inspiration! (Kid Machine Manctalo Rework)
Daniel Holt – Traveler (Man 2.0 remix) [unreleased]
N.O.I.A. – The Rule To Survive (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Damascus Knives – Would You Feel Safer If You Carried A Gun
Brainwave – How Do You Feel (Mix 3)
Antoni Maiovvi – Valencia Forever [upcoming Italo Moderni]
Adrian Marth – Black Ritual Witches [upcoming Wrong Era / Italo Moderni]
Scene – The Future Of Music (Valencia mix 89)
MCL feat Krishna Goineau – La Forgeron [upcoming Italo Moderni]
Timothy J. Fairplay – Altar Room [upcoming Italo Moderni]
Black Light Smoke – Your Own Hands (Black Light Smoke remix) [unreleased]
Experimental Products – Glowing in the Dark
Dj Wedding – Roller
St. Theodore – Forza Supremo
Alberto Melloni – Viercho’s Wood (REES Remix)
B1980- Black Disco
Adrian Marth – Future Job
Armonics – Mind Guardians
Adrian Marth – Hypnotic Eyes

Adrian Marth – Bordello Radio #68

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