Dark Vektor – Siegas Las Cadenas EP [NDMEK006]

DARK VEKTOR - Siegas Las Cadenas

Dark Vektor is the new signing for the Madrid label Industrias Mekanikas. “Siegas Las Cadenas”, is the name with which the Catalan artist, presents this new work, a title that undoubtedly carries a very direct message about the times of repression and bias of freedoms that we came today. This new work presents 6 tracks, three original tracks of Dark Vektor, along with three remixes, of the hand of some of giants of the international electro scene. Assembler Code, Cosmic Force and Cestrian, are in charge of finishing off this incredible reference, full of pure power in each beat, demolishing bass, and hypnotic sequences and above all a message of vindication that is the common thread of the whole EP.


Dark Vektor – Siegas Las Cadenas EP [NDMEK006]

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