SARIN x Scarlit Port – Daevas [MTRONW009]


“Daevas”, meaning divinities of chaos and disorder in the Zoroastrian faith, is the combined effort of SARIN x Scarlit Port recorded in Berlin during the lockdown of 2020. The six track 30 minute EP is a winding journey that dives into both artists’ shared Persian heritage by referencing ancient pagan Gods, mysticism and the more recent tragic histories of colonialism, dictatorships, longing and a sense of being uprooted. These unwinding stories and artefacts are imprinted within a dark cascade of sounds incorporating and combining each artist’s influences to create a total work that encompasses elements of techno body music, acid, industrial and the subtle application of more traditional Persian musical forms.


SARIN x Scarlit Port – Daevas [MTRONW009]

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