Ombra 2021 – Day 1

Friday on the first day of the festival we took the floors of Ombra, loaded with enthusiasm and eager to dance our hearts out, after almost 2 years of not being able to attend any proper live event.

We entering the Ombra Stage just when SDH were interpreting their poetic synth-pop and the grave voce of Andrea Pérez almost brought tears of happiness to our eyes. SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) is a band from Barcelona composed by Andrea Pérez & Sergi Alejandre.

After SDH finished their performance we headed to the Operator Stage to catch Kluentah’s vinyl DJ set and later his Fallbeil live act together with Wosto.


Before returning to the Ombra Stage, to see the legendary Absolute Body Control, we took the time to meet old and new friends and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere from the Utopia 126 courtyard. We’ve also seen bits from the performances of Ultra Sunn, Unconscious and Fractions.

Closing the day for us was Absolute Body Control with their live show. It was a pleasure to see these legends still playing, after we missed them in 2012 at the Industrial Booom Reboot in Budapest.

The afterparty was happening at The Wolf club with Pablo Bozzi & Reka on the deks. Some of us planned to go there, but the long queue and the cold outside made them make their way back to the base. After this we decided to skip the afterparties and concentrate on the day festival.

Ombra 2021 – Day 1

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