Pablo Bozzi – Ghost Of Chance [DA020A]

Pablo Bozzi returns to Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno with a follow up record to the ‘Last Moscow Mule’ EP from 2020. The six track EP ‘Ghost Of Chance’ marks a deepening from the previous forays into the Italo Disco & Synthwave influenced sound Bozzi has previously explored. With a heavy hand in the realm of nostalgia Bozzi expertly weaves melody through drum machine loops, the track comes to a climax with longing vocals reminiscent of 80s new wave and goth dance clubs. Although steeped in the nostalgia of time gone he manages to lend a modern production, a cleanness of sound that never stays too long in the past.


Pablo Bozzi – Ghost Of Chance [DA020A]

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