VA – The Semiconscious System [ISR004]

For the labels first release of 2022, Idlestates have curated a blend of no-nonsense EBM with grittier industrial electronics. The 13 track VA compilation welcomes a host of new artists to the label whilst continuing to showcase returning favourites such as Meshes, Magnum Opus, and MVQX. The album titled ‘The Semiconscious System’, arrives with several dancefloor ready anthems whilst allowing a meltdown through intervals of raw industrial sludge. The limited-edition cassette features; Gewalt, Autumns, Filmmaker, Disociacion, L/F/D/M, MVQX and Kirsten on side A. Whilst side B contains tracks from; Prophan, The Undertaker’s Tapes, Termination_800, Alpha Sect, Magnum Opus/Ravetop and Meshes.

VA – The Semiconscious System [ISR004]

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