Kovyazin D – Dark Shades Of Moscow EP [S108-006]

KOVYAZIN D - Dark Shades Of Moscow EP

‘Dark Shades Of Moscow’ EP is a new thriller by Kovyazin D. The track list is headed by a remix of the French hero of electroclash and EBM music – David Carretta. As Dima describes, this release is dedicated to work in solitude, analog synthesizers, secrets and the secret places in Moscow, as well as the utopianism and psychedelicity of everything going on in the world today. Many years of meticulously studying different genres of electronic music, from acid house, electro and new beat to Birmingham techno, industrial and Rotterdam hardcore, have allowed Kovyazin D to form his own unique sound, that you can witness in his live shows and DJ sets. According to the Inverted Audio publication Kovyazin D’s music is so universal it can be easily heard in the culmination points of Helena Hauff and Nicolas Lutz sets. His bangers ‘Close The Distance’ and ‘Tales From The Bottle’ are a clear example of that.


Kovyazin D – Dark Shades Of Moscow EP [S108-006]

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