Transparent Sound – Freaks Frequency EP [TRANS009]

Orson Bramley and Martin Brown’s Transparent Sound project reaches way back to the mid 90s, and they’re still going strong rolling out the most on-point electro in the business. There’s a reason they’ve been picked up in the minimal scene as much as in purist machine funk circles, but their co-signs go back to the legendary Colin Dale, who signed Freaks Frequency to his Abstrakt Dance label back in 1998. The title track has been remixed plenty over the years, and it sounds as alien and nasty as it did when it first landed. ‘What Goes On’ is another mind-melter of dexterous synth lines and freaked out vocoder which quite frankly lays waste to the competition in the overstuffed electro scene. Diverting from the original EP, we also get a remix of ‘Freaks Frequency’ from the mighty Ectomorph and a previously unreleased cut called ‘Mistakes Happen’


Transparent Sound – Freaks Frequency EP [TRANS009]

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