Fashion Flesh – Ambidextrous [SOT007]

“Ambidextrous. The electro-plasticky sculptural sonic opera that invites you in & out & in again. Presented in first-person, at other times in third but always out-of-body. Like a beat up stroboscope slamming into a Walt Disney number, raggedy abstracted cartoonish characters are pumped, plumped & squashed into the adhoc scenery. A tree is now a paint tube or maybe a shoe horn but only because it has to be until it isn’t, or maybe it never will be for you. Very filmy, sometimes flimsy and on occasion chunky; presenting to you, actual variety. Definitely not a tidy digital affair…you can hear the tape bias deep breathing & hasty splices popping with an immediacy that does not waste time to tinker. Shattered bronze becomes the glue, the glue becomes your dinner companion as well as the plate & window seat. Not unlike a Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario, depending on your moody attention span, you may find certain characteristics to be too something or not enough something but perhaps just right. Open for interpretation & again for re-interpretation – this monument gives what you take. Hidden naked in plain sight under the raincoat of Fashion Flesh is John Talaga. His homemade concrete-conceptual sounds & visions have been pilfered, snubbed & consciously left unmentioned by many unmentionables. FF’s breathed the same dank air & marked his territory in rooms & on records with brave battered pioneers like Momus, Ian Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral (Escape-ism), Ann Shenton, etc etc…leaving a trail of recordings on far-out labels like Unknown Precept, est. 83 (Fit Sound) and Jacktone to only name just a few. Keep listening.”

Fashion Flesh – Ambidextrous [SOT007]

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