Andy Toth – Subspace EP [IT048]

Fierce interdimensional acid tracks on the latest outing from the I.T. HQ in Detroit. Andy Toth casts a long shadow in the Detroit scene, from being co-founder of the Detroit Grand Pubahs to working as an engineer and mixer, he’s worked on so many records that you know but in his egoless way, didn’t know he was part of. Being the co-author of ”Sandwiches” took him around the world, but more importantly, it was the hold music for Mudgie’s, a legendary Detroit Deli run by another long-standing denizen of the Detroit underground, Greg Mudge. Greg Mudge was a true pillar of our techno community in Detroit, from showing us the venue for the first leaky roof No Way Back, to throwing his own events and supporting great people. One of those people was Andy Toth, who he was constantly pressuring to release his music, and this became a major theme of Greg Mudge’s memorial. When Greg suddenly passed last September, some friends came in to DJ his memorial like Derek Plaslaiko. When it was Andy Toth’s turn he played only his own productions and we were all just so blown away. Mudgie was always asking Andy ”what’s up with those tracks?” And this record is the answer, a testament to that thought, and to the deeply layered and detailed work of Andy Toth. Andy has created a uniquely dense Detroit Sci-Fi trip through sound, with elements of acid, electro, techno that result in an advanced and mature adventure in sound, reflecting his roots in the Detroit scene, but pushing it into new hypnotic futures, to boldly go where no one has gone before.


Andy Toth – Subspace EP [IT048]

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