Patrick Cowley – Get A Little EP [SPEC-1874]

First released in 1981 in the wake of the muscular, robo-disco epics ‘Megatron Man’ and ‘Menergy’, ‘Get a Little’ has long been one of Patrick Cowley’s most underrated singles – or at least far-less celebrated. As this reissue proves, the track has lost none of its lustre over the years. A full-vocal number featuring a super-catchy chorus, the original mix (B1) and contemporaneous remix (B2) sit somewhere between electrofunk, Cowley’s own brand of electronic disco and what we’d now call Italo-disco. It’s a far-sighted sound that still sounds fresh all these years on. The A-side of this edition also boasts two contemporary updates from Alan Dixon, who adds subtly beefed-up house beats and a tidy nu-disco feel on both the ‘Love Attack’ and ‘DJ Friendly Mix’ variations.


Patrick Cowley – Get A Little EP [SPEC-1874]

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