Galaxian – Libertine 20 [LIB20]

”Pacifying The Population” thrusts us into a world where the dominator culture acts like a ruthless drug cartel, us it’s compliant consumers. The highly-charged ten tracker LP evokes a narcotic frenzy like atmosphere that surges into the consciousness and pulses through the body like a craved hit. Once again Mark Kastner propels us through a unique musical landscape at the very edge of the sonic territories. The dominator culture enforces what is moral, ethical, worthy or valid, selling lifestyles, enforcing rituals, “pushing” values, incentivizing the pathological, imposing our needs and beliefs. Increasingly displaying hallmarks of a cruel drug cartel /drug addict, dependency dynamic. The population hooked and enslaved to it’s destructive needs.


Galaxian – Libertine 20 [LIB20]

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