Avé Eva 369 – +​/​- [BUNKER4027]

+/-, a modern version of the yin/yang symbol, is the title of the debut album by Avé Eva 369. It’s a nine track journey, seen through the eyes of a spirit who has landed on planet earth and makes a labyrinthine trip through its dualistic nature. Worlds of sound arise from subtle electronic textures, transitions and rhythms. Vocals overlay these worlds creating dreamscapes. The songs examine the balance and friction between opposites like heaven/hell or male/female. Avé Eva 369 embodies archetypical and mythical figures, like Eve (from Adam) and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. It’s as if these Goddesses are channeling their ancient wisdom to the artist as a form of coping with modern life. As the album gradually comes to an end, a balance between opposites is found and a long lost paradise becomes visible.

Avé Eva 369 – +​/​- [BUNKER4027]

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