Krishna Goineau ft. MCL – 80’s Tapes [IM011]

“Krishna Goineau is well known for his starring role in ‘Los Niños del Parque’ with Liaisons Dangereuses and in other projects such as Velodrome and Xeroox. Through one of his friends we have been lucky enough to receive a hard disk on which there are a variety of unreleased tracks by Krishna Goineau with MCL (Micro Cheap League) recorded in the year 85-86. Krishna lived in Barcelona at that time and was involved in different groups while traveling through Germany and Belgium to create new projects. After dissolving Liaisons Dangereuses in 1983 Krishna started a new project with MCL where you can identify the essence and influences that he had at that time, touches of EBM and metal synthesizers with vocals in Spanish as in the track ” No Information”. These tracks are preserved in excellent quality in which Alden Tyrell has done the mastering on vinyl and digital. Having something like this is like finding a treasure in the middle of a secret island. To finalize the release we have edits from Silent Servant, Curses, Esprit Divers. Deckard & Lucient.”


Krishna Goineau ft. MCL – 80’s Tapes [IM011]

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