w1b0 – When Humans Ruled The Earth LP [27UTRQDM27]

U-TRAX presents the debut album of Dutch producer w1b0, who sadly passed away in August.
Wibo Lammerts’ sudden death on August 15th shocked the worldwide electro community, and also left the record label, that had been working on the debut album with the artist known as w1b0 for the past two years, dumbfounded and in grief. Wibo had jokingly always called his upcoming debut album ‘his legacy’, which now sadly has become a painful truth. With the support of Wibo’s family, U-TRAX is now doing the only thing that doesn’t feel totally wrong: proceed as planned, and release ‘When Humans Ruled The Earth’. W1b0 made quite a name for himself with heavy electro tracks that he released on labels like Bass Agenda, Hilltown Disco and Discos Antónicos. Standing at 202 meters, and combined with a cheerful character, most people remember him as the gentle giant of electro. For this album, Wibo wanted to steer away from the dark and heavy electro he mostly made until then. The idea of having a platform to create delicate electronic music in different styles, and make it a showcase of his versatility, was very appealing to him.

vinyl / cassette / CD

w1b0 – When Humans Ruled The Earth LP [27UTRQDM27]

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