Cristiano Grim is back with the second number of his experimental zine/compilation , FAKE2-120AMERICA. Obsessed by the work of the cult poet Pierpaolo Pasolini and his seedy film “Salo or 120 Days of Sodom” , the original short story behind by Marquis De Sade and Dante’ s “Divine Comedy” structure which Pasolini mirrored during his screenwriting session with Sergio Citti, Cristiano Grim coded that “ anarchy of the power” in the contemporary North American society, through a desecrating prose and poignant portraits of a country drowned in 3 masochist “circles” : BLOOD, MANIAS and SHIT. Original film photography was taken in the streets and the underground scenes of New York, Memphis, Nashville, Durham, Virginia and South Carolina. Jonathan Castro nailed his second collaboration with Cristiano Grim , disrupting his photography with a spirited overexposed technique and metallic colors. Music by : Alessandro Adriani which featured the whole A side of the release with 3 tracks with the contribution of Cosimo Damiano and Riccardo Chiaretti, legendary IDM musician CEX, Italian psychedelic duo Mushrooms Project, Californian musician Aaron Coyes (1/2 Peaking Lights), italian ambient musician Alexia Robbio, Roman techno producer Ida Mandato, New York industrial band INTRZN, Riga’s sound artist Reinis Semevics, San Francisco’s video artist and musician YNV, mystery vocalist VETA DAY.



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