Launmomentdat în parc 2023 

Launmomentdat în parc is an exciting and truly diverse festival that takes place on 9-11 June, in Queen Mary’s Park, in the city of Timișoara, Romania. It honours the city’s current status as the European Capital of Culture with international events and talented performers from various arts.

Launmomentdat în parc has something for everyone. The artistic programme is distributed across four different stages – Amazon, Safari, Tropical and Savana. The Amazon stage is a great place to hear energetic music and dance all day. DJs and international bands create a lively atmosphere. The Safari stage focuses on dub-reggae and sound system culture. Tropical is a vinyl stage and fair with a more relaxed setting and focus on world music. It’s great to have a space where festival-goers can enjoy some exotic music from faraway places. The Savana stage is an experiment with independent dramaturgy which brings to the fore some young and inspirational voices from the Romanian theatric world.

The line-up of electronic music producers, DJs, musicians, and bands is impressive. It includes a mix of established and emerging talents, such as Alma Negra (live band), Coco Maria, Fatamorgana (live band), Hiroko Hacci, Khidja, Mad Professor, Mambo Chick, Neel, Orpheu the Wizzard, Palo Santo Discos, SDH (live band), So, Soichi Terada (live), Tapan (live band) and more. All artists bring something unique to the festival and are sure to put on mind-blowing performances.

Launmomentdat în parc is a celebration of local talent. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work. The Pop-Up Fair is a great opportunity for attendees to discover new trends in the world of artisans and to connect with designers and artists. The vinyl and music fair is a fantastic addition to the festival, offering a space for attendees to explore new music and add rare finds to their collections. It’s always exciting to discover new artists and include their music to your playlist. Launmomentdat în parc offers a wide range of music styles and genres for attendees to explore.

Launmomentdat în parc promises to be a vibrant and exciting event with an heuristic symbiosis of music, art, drama and community spirit.

Launmomentdat / facebook event

Launmomentdat in parc is part of the Cultural Program “Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture” and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center of Projects. It is a free admission event.

Launmomentdat în parc 2023 

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