Sumerian Fleet – Sumerian Fleet [CWCS04]

SUMERIAN FLEET - Sumerian Fleet image

Alden Tyrell and Mr. Pauli invade the West Coast of Holland in their Sumerian Fleet guise, hand-stamped red label stylez! This is quite simply one of the best new school dark wave records we’ve heard, utilizing the skills of one master producer – Alden Tyrell – and the infamous Mr. Pauli, to create powerful tracks. ‘Jenseitflugsmachine’ is a filthy big speed freak anthem, leather duds on, top off. ‘Smack Is Back’ is grungier, scared shitless with ghoulish synths and goth punk bass. ‘Blech Erkrankung’ is spiky industrial funk that just begging for some agitated yelping over the top.


Sumerian Fleet – Sumerian Fleet [CWCS04]

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