Fudge Fingas – Untytled EP [FIREC009]


Three new tracks, and the third in a row of releases for the prolific Mr. Fingas. Backed up by fellow Firecracker, Linkwood, this originally came out as a limited 50 copy run release early this year and sold out within minutes. Fingas kicks off proceedings with “Untyltled” – a record that could only come out of the Firecracker camp. Taking inspiration from Detroit and Chicago but giving it that distinctly Firecracker sound – heavy on the keyboard motifs, high fidelity, musically accomplished and well produced. Meandering bleepy melodies contrast with gliding synthlines and a ravey, M1-type bassline. The movement between sections is seamless and will take people on an intoxicating musical journey. Linkwood steps up on side B, “Secret Value” has mysterious, seductive key changes and atmospheres; 16 bar acid sections building up and dropping into lush, blessed-out micro-solos of synthesized flute and exquisite pads. A sonic buffet served to perfection. Finally we get one of Firecrackers trademark interludes, “Minus 616” is a beautifully crafted, neo-classical piano piece. Reverberated into the distance, the piano playing is skillful and emotive and the strange outboard effect it’s processed through gives it that otherworldly, tripped-out vibe.


Fudge Fingas – Untytled EP [FIREC009]

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