Hipodrome’s 2012 Review (Part II)

The second part of my review of 2012 is dedicated to the best events and performances I attended this year. Part I was published some weeks ago and includes the preferences of our followers.



Top 3 Events


The best party I attended in 2012 was the IFM Nacht @ Panorama Bar (Berlin) in 5th of May with DJ TLR, Orgue Electronique (live), I-F, Intergalactic Gary and Sven von Thülen. This year we had no emotions entering Sven’s door, so we enjoyed every moment of the 12 hours musical marathon.


For me the highlights were Orgue Electronigue‘s live act and the dj sets of Intergalactic Gary and TLR.

Next is the Tresor Night @ BeCool (Barcelona) on June 16th. I was looking for a long time for a good old techno party and my thirst was satisfied that night in Barcelona.


DJ Deep provided a very good warm up set showcasing his Deeply Rooted House label and Redshape made his usual live-act. But the cherry on top was the master Mike Huckaby playing a banging Detroit techno set that was mesmerizing me for hours.

Finally, an other good party was the Versatile Night at Rex Club (Paris) on March 17th.

Legowelt made a nice dj set, but top of my list was the Berlin techno that Mike Dehnert played.



Top 3 DJ Sets

Mike Huckaby @ BeCool (Barcelona) June 15th

Intergalactic Gary @ Panorama Bar (Berlin) May 5th

John Heckle @ Hipodrome 3 Years Anniversary (Sibiu) October 27th


Top 3 Live Performances

Orgue Electronigue @ Panorama Bar (Berlin) May 5th

Svengalisghost @ Control Club (Bucharest) September 28th

Pollyester @ De.Kolectiv (Bucharest) September 7th


Top 3 Romanian DJ sets

Das Komitee @ Hipodrome 3 Years Anniversary (Sibiu) October 27th

Bogman @ Control Club (Bucharest) February 23rd

Mihai Popoviciu @ Showcase (Paris) March 16th


Part 3 will follow with my favorite albums of 2012.

Hipodrome’s 2012 Review (Part II)

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