Hipodrome’s 2012 Review (Part 1)

After three fruitful years of existence and daily careful surveillance of the electronic music scene, I’ve decided, for the first time, to draw a line and make a review of the year that is just closing.

I will make the review in two parts, the first is dedicated to our followers and their choices from this years. So, I will make a list with the most successful post on my blog, the releases that gathered the most likes and clicks in 2012 for our visitors. The second part of the review, will include my own picks and I will present some of my favorite albums of different genders. Also I will make a review of the best parties and acts I’ve attended this year.


Hipodrome Visitors Top 3


https://i0.wp.com/images.junostatic.com/full/CS474618-01A-BIG.jpgThe most appreciated 2012 album by the visitors of The Hipodrome Of Music is the debut album of DJ Nature“Return Of The Savage”,  released last month on Golf Channel.

“Given his track record and history, you’d expect this debut album from former Wild Bunch soundsystem member Milo Johnson to be pretty special. While it’s far from perfect, it’s certainly an excellent set. Musically, it blurs the boundaries between edits, original production and sample love, featuring tracks created using spoken word samples and snippets from some of his favorite obscure records. There are forays into shuffling, near soulful house (the two-part “Sexual Tension”), broken house (“Yearn”), disco-funk (the low-slung “With Your Body”), string-drenched, Ugly Edits-ish disco (“Return of the Savage”) and smooth grooves (“Tacky Stuff”), all produced with his traditional dubwise finish.”


Next is a very surprising album. The dystopian album “Always Then” by the prolific Suicide Party guitarist Klaus Von Barrel and his young project The KVB. This is the second album from UK post punk band and it was release in February on Clan Destine Records. and is featuring 10 dark wave, new wave tracks.


The third album featured in this chart is “313.4 EVER” by deep house master Jason Grove. This is his debut album and it was released in March on the French label Skylax Records, featuring a deep dose of vocal-laden, analog house in the vain of Detroit downbeat don.




The most appreciated extended play release is the old school house  “Paris Dub 1” by Paranoid London released this month and features the great voice of Paris Brightledge.


A lot of love received Andres‘ release in June on M1 Sessions under the name Dez Andres. He blurs genres like no other from hip hop to house and all the dirty funk in between and this release illustrates this the most.


I’m very happy for the next release “Oil EP”, because it’s from a young guy from Romania called MarcMan. Was just released in December by Drumma Records and I was really surprised that it was so well received.

Congrats Iulian 🙂



On the top of the list of our visitors is L.I.E.S. first https://i0.wp.com/www.rushhour.nl/pictures/67/67690.jpg compilation “American Noise”. I’m very happy with this one, since L.I.E.S. is one of my favorite labels. After two years of existence, New York’s L.I.E.S. Records has transformed itself from a bedroom label into one of the more interesting and diverse labels in the world of modern underground electronic music. Disc one, of this double CD compiles and documents some of the labels early moments showcasing out of print tracks by Legowelt, Terekke, Steve Moore, Two Dogs in a House, and Bookworms to name a few, showcasing the broad yet cohesive spectrum of styles the label has worked within. The second disc is comprised of almost all new and unreleased material from the labels current pool of talent, with tracks by the likes of newcomer Delroy Edwards, Mutant Beat Dance’s Beau Wanzer, cult figure Terekke, early label contributor Marcos Cabral and more.

Next https://i0.wp.com/images.junostatic.com/full/CS459222-01A-BIG.jpgis a stunning tripple disc compilation “122 BPM: The Birth Of House Music” by Jerome Derradji, released in August on his own imprint Still Music, and includes numerous unreleased tracks and beyond hard to find house tracks made in Chicago in the early to late 1980s from the catalogues of Mitchbal Records and Chicago Connection Records, when electro, new wave and boogie were morphing into house. As such, 122 BPM offers a mix of rare, largely overlooked cuts that bristle with analogue dancefloor intent.

Closing this top 3 compilations is Mannequin‘s “Danza Meccanica Vol. 2 Italian Synth Wave 1981-1987”.https://i0.wp.com/www.rushhour.nl/pictures/63/63115.jpg This is the latest, unmissable chapter in the story of Italian post punk – the less traditionally rock branch. It outlines the approach taken by ten more or less unknown groups who all deserve rediscovery and to be remembered alongside luckier outfits. Ten tracks that spell out the manifesto of a scene fascinated by electronic innovation.



In this top is reserved for mixes / sessions / podcasts released on other blogs / websites, so our own podcasts and special mixes are not included here.

The most listened mix on by the Hipodrome visitors is Toby Tobias‘ podcast for Little White Earbuds from https://i0.wp.com/www.littlewhiteearbuds.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/PODCAST-137-1.jpgSeptember.


On the second place comes Detroit master Mike Huckaby and his mix for Groove released in October.

The third most appreciated mix by our visitors is the https://hipodrome.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/image044.jpg?w=300&h=200MiX-Mas Special Mix done by our dear friend  Intergalactic Gary for Intergalactic FM.



Now a special part of this post, because it features only Romanian artists. In the last years a lot of young and talented Romanian producers / DJ made their debut on the international scene. So, here are the Romanian releases that are most appreciated by out visitors.


You already know MarcMan‘s “Oil EP” on Drumma Records, as I it is featured also in the Top 3 most appreciated EPs.


“Morfoza EP” by Sideways Invisibility Theory aka SIT is a 100% Romanian release. SIT are Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons and they are two of the most representative members of the new wave of stripped down, minimalisic, trippy house and techno Romanian producers. The EP was release in July by the Romanian label Amphia.

For this one I’m very happy and proud, because is coming out from my home town and https://i0.wp.com/images.junostatic.com/full/CS469078-01A-BIG.jpgHipodrome base, Sibiu. “We Made A Record” is the the second installment on Get Slow, featuring the young and talented Romanian producer Toygun, who happens to be one of my close friends and collaborators on Hipodrome, and Get Slow headman Adi Dumitra to give us a fresh and deep view of contemporary house music.

Soon part 2 will follow with my own preferences of 2012.

Hipodrome’s 2012 Review (Part 1)

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