Calibre – Fabrivlive.68 [FABRIC136]

Dominick Martin’s a little bit of an anomaly in terms of contemporary drum & bass. Having been active and continually releasing music under his Calibre alias since 1998, it feels a little odd in a modern world so besotted with over sharing to think that he’s never had a remix made of his material, nor has ever released a commercial mix CD or ever managed an online presence. He’s one of those artists whose reputation simply precedes him; thanks in a large part to his incredible body of work that covers seven artist albums and countless 12”s, EPs and remixes. It’s an outlook Calibre draws on quite heavily for the duration of FABRICLIVE 68, using his own music and that of his peers to create a mix that’s both reflective of the way that he plays when he DJs and the bafflingly bountiful body of work he’s produced.


Calibre – Fabrivlive.68 [FABRIC136]

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