Roger 23 – Future State [BAUD006]

Layered rhythms force these tracks forward to an unspoken conclusion, although there cannot be any doubt about the tracks’ intentions! Roger 23 has a reputation for producing music that combines great intuition with a roughness that is equally as challenging as it is soothing. ‘Future State’ is no exception to this rule. Bursts of melody and atmosphere draw the attention to relentless, yet not straight rhythmic patterns and vice versa. These five tracks are a remorseless leap into what dance music can be. Made with optimism and an open mind, they explore darker territories in an inviting and open-ended way. The last track on this EP being a short, blissful Ambient piece that abstractly channels the energy of the other tracks serves as one last lap on the rings of Saturn. ‘Future State’ plays with meaning, intention and focus and in the process refocuses itself time and again. It is an extremely versatile exploration that is as engaging and believing as can be.


Roger 23 – Future State [BAUD006]

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